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Get your Worship Mojo Back!

I have now been worship leader at my church for about 2 months having led at various intervals prior to this.

I was and still am excited to be in the position and to be able to use my Gifts for God. But over the Christmas period a couple of things have occurred which have sapped me of my mojo, and left me feeling a little deflated.

The usual excitement I felt about preparing set lists and practice has all but vanished and I know I need to get it back.

I need to get back to the point where God is in control and no matter what anyone says or does about my worship style or my song choice or even about the songs themselves.  What others think is nowhere near as important as what God thinks. I should not look for Mans approval which also means that I should not be worried when there is a little negativity.  I need to learn to Concentrate on God and remember that worship is all about him and not me or about someone’s view-point. It’s about giving back to God acknowledging his awesomeness!

I need to spend time with him, one of the issues has been exhaustion. I lead at at least 3 services during the week sometimes 4, I prep songs the day before each service, and try to practice and somewhere I have to find time to learn new stuff , and over the last few months I have spent less and less time with God in prayer about it all, about what he wants. Spending Time with him is vital to keeping weariness at bay.

I need to make sure that I am spending ample time with my family. Cause I work 5 days as well as lead it has had a negative impact on my family life. I know that I need to spend more time with them, my wife and I now have a fortnightly date night which has been amazing and is doing wonders for our relationship but I also need to make sure that my children are happy and spend time with them they need quality time with me and I need quality time with them. I don’t believe for one moment that God would want me to do this thing it was detrimental to my relationships.

If if keep to these simple ideals then I am pretty sure I’ll get my mojo back.

If you lead worship

A- How do you get your mojo back

B- what measures do you take to make sure that you don’t loose you mojo?


A time to Unite?

Over the last few weeks we have seen some pretty incredible things happening! I won’t go into detail because you all know what they are.
What I will say is that in our country we have seen possibly the Worst and The best in society!

The worst being the riots, which along with many of you, I never thought I would see.

The best  – for me what occurred in Wootton Bassett was just awesome. Where ordinary members of the public  came together in a extraordinary show of Gratitude.

What I will say about the Riots is fairly simple.

No matter what the government does to deal with the issue long term – their solutions will always result in a section of society becoming disillusioned! But the Church should also take a long hard look at its self. If the Church was united in carrying out the mission that it was tasked with so many more of OUR! youngsters would feel like they had a purpose – If the church was united in carrying out its mission many more of OUR! youth would feel real Love. ( PS- I know there are churches working hard!).

I am Luck enough to work for a fantastic charity that is working in the many of the areas of need in our country but there is only so much they can do, It will take the whole of the Christian church to unite together and work as one body  – as we were tasked! – to prevent anything like this from happening again!

No there’s something I WOULD like to see in my life time!

God Bless!